Cholera in Cuba
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Liberal Republic – Socialist Revolution

Liberal Republic / Socialist Revolution MIGUEL SALES | Málaga | 1 Jun 2016 – 9:43 am. May 20 will mark 114 years since the founding of the Republic of Cuba. The date, which went unnoticed by almost everyone, is important in itself, because it marks the moment when Spain’s last holding in the Americas broke […] Continue reading

The Politics of Prevention – Cholera in Cuba

The Politics of Prevention: Cholera in Cuba [30-07-2015 01:02:47] Cuba Transition Project ( Even before the scheduled opening of the US Embassy on July 20, 2015, there were advertisements, blog posts, tweets, and news feeds welcoming U.S. residents to Cuba for cultural, religious or educational opportunities. Cuba remains a popular destination for Canadian and Western […] Continue reading

What the Chikunguynya Virus Means for Cuba

What the Chikunguynya Virus Means for Cuba May 11, 2014 Graham Sowa HAVANA TIMES — After months of hopping from one Caribbean island to the next the Chikunguynya virus has arrived within 50km of Cuban shores. With confirmed cases in neighboring Haiti this disease has implications for the Cuban public health system, vector control campaign, […] Continue reading

Cuba’s silence on cholera dangerous to your health

Posted on Saturday, 08.17.13 CHOLERA, DENGUE, MALARIA Cuba’s silence on cholera dangerous to your health BY SHERRI L. PORCELAIN SPORCELA@MED.MIAMI.EDU After a century hiatus, cholera has returned to Cuba. Along with the re-emergence of dengue, a mosquito-born disease, both the local population and tourists visiting the island remain at risk today. This is no surprise […] Continue reading

Guantanamo, Cuba Has Its Shanties Too

Guantanamo, Cuba Has Its Shanties Too June 26, 2013 Rosa Martínez HAVANA TIMES — According to Isbel Diaz Torres, the writer of one of Havana Times’ diaries I enjoy reading the most, Indalla is a shantytown located in the very heart of the Cuban capital which not even the president of its municipality knew existed. […] Continue reading

Indalla Is Located in Cuba

Indalla Is Located in Cuba May 27, 2013 Isbel Díaz Torres indallaHAVANA TIMES — Indalla is a shantytown located in the heart of the Cuban capital, whose existence even the president of the municipality where it is situated was unaware of. At the boundary between Havana’s west-laying municipalities of Marianao and La Lisa, this marginal […] Continue reading

Cubans Need Help Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

Cubans Need Help Recovering From Hurricane Sandy / Yoani SanchezTranslator: Unstated, Yoani Sanchez    How You Can Help Hurricane Sandy has devastated the city of Santiago de Cuba and caused severe damage in several towns in the east of the country. The images of destruction speak for themselves, but the cameras barely manage to capture a […] Continue reading

The Collapse

The Collapse / Cuban Law Association – Veizant Boloy Cuban Law Association, Veizant Boloy Across the country, inhabited homes continue to collapse. The housing deficit and the bad conditions of housing in Cuba can be cataloged as a "chronicle of an announced collapse," something inevitable because of the progressive deterioration of the constructions on the […] Continue reading