Cholera in Cuba
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Cuba – Where Bottle Caps Are Worth More Than a Medical Degree

Cuba: Where Bottle Caps Are Worth More Than a Medical Degree April 17, 2015 Vicente Morin Aguado HAVANA TIMES — “My son got his medical degree twenty years ago,” Rogelio tells me. “Today, he earns 1,460 Cuban pesos a month (70 usd). Actually, they deduct 5 % for health services and 63 pesos for the […] Continue reading

What Happens If Ebola Comes To Cuba?

What Happens If Ebola Comes To Cuba? / Jeovany Jimenez Vega Posted on October 17, 2014 By Jeovany Jimenez Vega The Ebola outbreak on the world epidemiological scene will obviously involve a huge challenge for every country that is reached by the current epidemic, already registered as the greatest in history and that in recent […] Continue reading

Cuba’s hard truths exposed

Cuba’s hard truths exposed Lane, Friday, September 13, 1:48 AM Cholera is a potentially fatal, water-borne, gastrointestinal disease usually associated with poverty and inadequate sanitation. Some 600,000 people contracted the disease in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, 8,000 of whom died. It is not the sort of illness that you would expect to find in […] Continue reading

Tough Challenges Ahead for Raul Castro

February 21, 2008CUBA'S ECONOMIC CRISISTough Challenges Ahead for Raul Castro By Knut Henkel Fidel Castro was the face of the revolution, now he leaves behind adifficult legacy. Despite its successes in education, Cuba is plagued bya serious economic crisis. As Fidel Castro retires Cuba is left with an uncertain economic future.It's hard to miss the […] Continue reading