Cholera in Cuba
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Cholera in Havana with Fatalities

Cholera in Havana with Fatalities / Dania Virgen Garcia
Posted on July 11, 2013

HAVANA, Cuba, 9 July 2013, Dania Virgen García/ For
several days there has been an increase in the cases of cholera in the
provinces of Havana and Guantánamo.

In Havana, where there are reports of more than 40 children admitted to
the hospital, the municipalities most affected are Diez de Octubre and

In Cerro pediatric hospital there are more than 37 children; in Accion
Medica hospital, at Coco and Rabi, Santos Surez in the municipality of
Diez de Octubre, on July 5 four cases were transferred to Cerro
pediatric hospital.

At Pasteur Polyclinic, on Santa Catalina Street, also in Diez de
Octubre, on the 5th, a three-year-old boy, Abel Lizuela Martinez, was
transferred in a delicate state to Cerro Pediatric

From Guantánamo, at the opposite end of the country, Niober García
Fournier of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy, reported another
death from cholera: that of José de la Cruz Castillo, 42 years old,
resident in 12 Sur, between Santa Rita and San Gregorio, on July 1. He
was in Room 12 Bed 3 in Agostino Neto Provincial Hospital. His wake was
held for six hours. The health authorities barred the family from access
to the interior of the funeral home, so they had to hold the wake for
him in the street. The deceased worked in the provincial Meat Company.

Also, in Guantanamo prison there is a quarantine for cholera. Visits and
the bringing in of articles to meet the basic needs of the inmates are

10 July 2013

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