Cholera in Cuba
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Cuba wants to swap drugs for Dominican products

Cuba wants to swap drugs for Dominican products
Jun 5 at 8:54 AM

Santo Domingo.- Havana proposed to Santo Domingo a swap of its drugs and
other local products, Cuba’s Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Center (IGBC) director Luis Herrera Martinez announced Tuesday.

He said the Cuban government contacted president Danilo Medina last
week, and proposed “the possibility of sharing mechanisms and marketing
of pharmaceutical products” with products of Dominican origin.

The proposal was channeled through the company TecnHospital Dominican
SRL, which locally represents the drugs made by the IGBC.

“As the result of our research in the field of health, we in Cuba have
vaccines and therapies, many of them unique in the world, enabling us to
showcase the best indicators of health and rid public health of diseases
that still cause havoc in the Dominican Republic,” the proposal says.

“One example is that we have a product Herberprot, unique worldwide, to
treat diabetic foot ulcers and decrease amputations, in addition to
pentavalent vaccines and anti hepatitis B, interferon, among others,” it

Both nations have common illnesses such as dengue, leptospirosis,
cholera, diabetes and hypertension, the difference is that Cuba has
vaccines for some of them and works on others for their cure.

Cuban’s health system development has propelled the country to boast the
world’s lowest infant mortality rate.

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